Friday, December 17, 2010

It Flew Away

It flew away, at the break of dawn;
the little bird whose wings with time
had grown just strong
It flew away into the wind
fresh wings fluttering, eyes watering
eager to see the landscape and beyond
far from the nest that had protected and caged it
for so long ;breaking its truce with time
it flew away.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Winter Storm

I'll come to you,
before the cool evening breeze
brushes your body
and you miss my arm
around your shoulder

I'll sit with you
for hours, holding your hand,
watching your eyes
as they empty
your dreams into mine.

I'll hide you
from the jealous moon,
waning away
as its light is cold
and your glow, amber.

And when you feel tired
and sleepy
I'll read you my poem;
about us being together
and getting older.

And I'll stay awake to
hold you, lest the winter storm
frighten you
and turn your heart cold;
as it turned mine,
a long time ago.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

I pick up my pen again

No more words, No more verses
No more redundant lines
helping in rhyme.
I had buried my tawdry poems
in the cemetery of time.

I had left on purpose,
the tombstone unetched.
Reminding me
that everything written,
is judged.

But there...
you came again,
to see if my young grave
has that flower
you gave

I still have that flower, and
I still have you
deep inside me,
and there is my life, incomplete.

So wanting to meet you
in my words,
in my poems,
in my dreams
I pick up my pen again.

Monday, June 21, 2010


You were always there,
waiting for me,
to express yourself.

You spoke to me
in sentences,
short and simple
and so I penned you,
consumed by your rhyme.

as time progressed,
I understood you,
I added my own interpretations
and I complicated you.

I could no longer find
the right words
for those subtle expressions
of yours.

My words repeated
again and again,
and I limited you-in me.

I know
that soon,
I'll make you banal.
My words would make no meaning
and my pen will have to stop.

But before that,
I just want to write,
Meeting you was worthwhile- Life.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Old Age Plans

When I will grow old,
have lots of time to think
and nothing else to do;
Then I will think about you.

I will sit on my rocking chair,
put aside my false teeth,
Sip a little whisky with lots of ice
and try to make sense of my life-
without you.

Sudden thunders and lightnings
would break my reverie.

I will slowly take another swig
put the glass on the side table
and resume to ponder about
your affair with me.

But I guess I will be too old
to remember every detail by then

So I will just shrug my shoulders
finish off my glass of whisky,
Open the windows to let the
fresh scent of rain fill the room
And read a book instead.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Meera took to the streets,
shouting her Lover's name,
breaking the shackles of shame
and society.

She strung with melody
Her simple songs of Love,
and soon the whole city
was reciting her poetic affair.

She bothered not for once,
about reason or rhyme.
She had forgotten herself
and everybody else.

Just to be,
Another Lover of Thine.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Walk in the Park

The old park bench,
by the fountain,
is lonely, this evening.

It has turned its back on the teeming garden
and blooming flowers;
The old park bench is thinking,
this evening.

Its edges have bumped infant heads
and crude curses from gentle mums
have made them blunt.

Many lips have sealed on it,
and Heart signs have been etched, with keys.
Innocent Love, is preserved on it.

Many minds have emptied over it,
Cigarette butts have left holes,
circular and charred.

Promises have been broken,
Gossips have passed ears on it,
Its wood is bending under their weight.

The paint has weathered away at places
and the vulnerable wood has accepted fungus
as a part of it.

The old park bench,
is lonely, this evening
It wants to tell all these stories
to someone, before nightfall.

~ After reading TBG- Search...

Friday, April 23, 2010

3 days of -Josh, Junoon and Jeet

Now, before you start doubting my mental stability by assuming that I saw, 3 movies that literally challenged the limits of cinema, in 3 days of time, namely:
Josh- where SRK played the Twin Brother of Aishwarya Rai
Junoon- where Rahul Roy convincingly turned into a Tiger using Moonlight and cheap makeup
Jeet- where Sunny paaji played "you-really-dont-want-to-know"

Please let me clarify- "I'm still not mature enuogh for movies with such strong characters."

"Josh, Junnon Jeet- There are no limits" was the adrealin-gushing-blood-pumping theme of our all-expenses-paid annual review meet at Goa.

Here are of some of the "Key Highlights"

Day I:
1. I decided to leave my laptop behind so that the "Review Meet" problem is snapped at the bud.

2. I had terrible food served by male stewards in the aeroplane. The only air-'hostess' looked as if she had just returned from the maternity ward after delivering triplets.

3. Wet Towels are the best way to welcome your Guests.

4. Business Discussions in Goa can impair you psychologically.

5. I met H20+NaCl and C2H5OH on the beach.(I have purposefully used the chemical formulaes to make it less obvious)

Day II:
1. I wake up trying to rememeber how did I get back to the room

2. I wear formal clothes in Goa!

3. I attend a day long conference in Goa!

4. I manage to survive during the conference with aid of SMSes like:
Shashank: I want to run away- into the wild
Me: I am having so much "fun" here.

5. Siddhu Paaji came to motivate us by asking questions like-
Why is Encouragement like premium gasoline?

6. I spot MithunDa on the pool wearing Sparkling Golden Shirt. I felt a tinge of pride to see in flesh and blood the "Disco- Dancer" who gave me my pet name- Jimmy.

7. I rush to meet the king of good times at the Pallalum Beach and drain off the sand back in my private pool.

Day III -

Team Building Exercises made me realize the following things-

1. I am not a team player.

2. I suck at "Networking" but I enjoy making friends.

3. Special mention of a speech delivered by one of my group mates when he saw me not motivated enough to participate in team-games:
" Guys, we are a team here. We have to rise above personal interests and think about only one thing-winning. This is the not the time to prove your masculinity to others but to prove your mettle- to yourself. Its all about channelising your energies towards one goal-Victory."

Now here was an employee justifying our Conference theme of "Josh, Junnon Jeet, there are no limits" in letter and 'spirit'.
I almost clapped with tears gleaming in my eyes.

4. I go to Pallalum again with my Sea-Food crazy friends.

5. I dont't remember much after that.

Day IV-
1. I enjoy the one-last view of the humbling Arabian Sea with Kings.

2. I return trying to justify to myself that a missed "complimentary massage" is not a reason enough to commit suicide.

PS In case you are wondering about the answer to Siddhu's question- "Because it takes the knock out of your engine"
I really liked it, by the way.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Sonnet, Now

What were once songs of love
are just deranged sentences now.

What brought to face, a charm once
brings almost a frown now.

What was once just a moment
seems like a long time now.

What was once the whole world
is just a tiny reflection now.

What was once destined to happen
is just a twist of fate now.

What were once moments to cherish
are just memories of pain now.

What was once sumptuous and sweet
has left a bitter taste now.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

I remember not

I remember not your beautiful eyes,
But the way they looked swollen with less sleep
and more tears that had dried in the night.

I remember not your thin long lips
But what they couldn't speak
when you bit on them, to shut them tight.

I remember not your dulcet voice
But the short silences in between
Which meant more than words might.

I remember not the little flick of your neck
and your head turning the other way
to argue I was wrong and you were right.

I remember not the flow of your silk hair
But that you swayed them back and
clipped them again,to hold their flight.

I remember not your soft hand in mine
And the way you held on with warmth
But the sweat on my palm and dampness, slight.

You might say, I remember you a lot
but You see, I dont remember
anything perfect about all.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Old Friend

Old friend,
When I was with you,
I was with myself.

Old friend,
Our ways diverged somewhere,
And I lost you.

And now as I sit here alone,
by the window
watching the white curtains
flutter in the breeze,
Waiting for your memory to become a poem
I hope you would come by
Old friend
for a little conversation like old times.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Yaaro kee Shaadiyan

It is that auspicious time of the year, when all your friends are tieing the knot and shamelessly posting their engagement,wedding, honeymoon photos in albums named "My Wedding" ,"Second Innings", "My Big fat Wedding","Finally- Honeymooned","Shit Happens" on facebook. And to top it off, an innocent status msg of "Pics Uploaded :)"

At such strategic "infliction" points, your presence might be cordially invited and if you have that special bond of sharing towel/undergarments/bed with your friend, you would most definitely love to go and watch him suffer for the rest of his life.

But here are a few words of caution-

Avoid anatomy/gravity/species defying dance steps (especially the naagin dance that combines all three) in baraat.The body ache will last for 2 days and remember there is this guy following your every move and making a video of it.

Say no to Unclejis who are forcing you to gulp down neat Blenders Pride even if they are carrying a lifafa of 100 rs.

Keep to yourself any lewd thoughts that might be dying to manifest on sight of makeup clad females. They might be fat and their dress might be skimpy but remember they are all Auntys or their daughters. But there is a catch, if you act too decently you might be mistaken for a potential Dulha on sale and don't all auntys love sale.So try to behave indecently with your eyes.

Eating obscene amount of fatty food and sweets is pleasurable only to the tongue in the entire digestive system. Rest of the organs specifically the end part of the large intestine are greatly troubled.

Wedding gift is probably the last time and maybe the first time you will be gifting anything of some worth to your friend. So avoid giving dinner sets, suitcases, mixers and invest your time in looking for a gift.

In case you fnd that your friends who used to call you up for issues as grave as "yaar, life mai enthu nahi aa raha hai", "yaar woh mera phone nahi utha rahi hai" at weird times have stopped calling and their phones are switched off sometimes from as early as 8 in the night, Laugh on the fools and forget them for their relationship status on Orkut has also changed to Committed.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

That Day

One day,all my pain will cease
And the endless burden of each breath
will disappear like a rain drop in Ocean.

One day, this world of chirades
will clear for me; And everything
will remind me of you,just you.
All shackles will loosen by themselves
and I'll come crying to you.

That day,take my trembling hand
and hold me close to your heart
Till I dissolve in your arms
and close my tired eyes.

I will be with you, that day.
All my pain will cease, that day.