Saturday, August 04, 2007

What is in the air?

A few days back there was a intranet mail going on where people just had to pick up random or not so random guys and girls, connect them and write a matrimonial or something... Also there was a "Love is in the air" mail which tried to officially coordinate the interaction between interested parties(ohh... the MBA jargon)

All this made me remember the good old college days when I used to plan up ways to propose a girl but hold myself back when some friends of mine(blessed with better personalities) used to come back defeated.

"Who do you think you are ?"

"Are you out of your mind ?"

"We can be just friends, nothing more."

All these were the normal responses they used to get and many would lose nights of sleep to get over the worst failure of their lives.

So i never gathered enough courage to propose any girl... I had made a last desperate but subtle attempt some time back when i published my matrimonial in my blog... I cant resist to share some parts of that post.


I will write my MatrimoniaL Ad and since i can't afford a 2 inch space in "Punjaab Kesari"(i have a soft corner for Punjabi Kudees you know) i will post it here only.Girls please read it carefully though i would appreciate if someone could save herself the trouble of reading the enire stuff and contact me right away.

~ ~ My Matrimonial ~ ~
WANTED: Tall/Short, Fair(Gori)/Dark(Kaali), Sweet/Sour, Homely/Officly infact any type of girl whose fetaures are better than Kishan Kumar(of 'Papa the Great' Fame) will be accepted as suitable alliance. Age/Caste/Weight/Height/Proffesion/Salary are no bar at all. The girl should be either Maangalik or Non-Maangalik. Widows have added advantage. Girls who smoke and drink have already cleared the first round. Girls who can use pure marwari gaalis have a wild-card-entry and need to contact asap (Bio-Data not required).Also the girl should be tolerant to some of my peculiar habits like once-a-week bath and once-a-month shave. I also can't control the urge to scratch sweaty and itchy body parts and belch after every meal.

I am not looking for any girl-friendship and this notion got reinforced by a party i attended last night...With 8 glasses of beer down and 2 hours of watching couples dance, I began thinking...

"Is this what fun is all about?" Now i agree i do get a bit philosophical when i am drunk but it was not the case this time...People losing themselves and enjoying the feeling that they can touch any girl which might not have been possible unless she was not in her senses...

I started feeling a strong feeling of estrangment and i took a small walk out of the disco. I was beginning to feel uneasy because of the way the air smelt in there. Is this the reason guys and girls become friends? I dont think so... I thought about what response i would get if i told everyone what i felt.

Who are you to give a lecture on moral decadence? Its by choice and not force... Why should you be bothered about it? You are just lamenting because you didn't have a chance to be with a girl?

Yes, why should i be bothered...I thought.

"One more beer please"... I said to the bar tender.