Sunday, May 09, 2010

Walk in the Park

The old park bench,
by the fountain,
is lonely, this evening.

It has turned its back on the teeming garden
and blooming flowers;
The old park bench is thinking,
this evening.

Its edges have bumped infant heads
and crude curses from gentle mums
have made them blunt.

Many lips have sealed on it,
and Heart signs have been etched, with keys.
Innocent Love, is preserved on it.

Many minds have emptied over it,
Cigarette butts have left holes,
circular and charred.

Promises have been broken,
Gossips have passed ears on it,
Its wood is bending under their weight.

The paint has weathered away at places
and the vulnerable wood has accepted fungus
as a part of it.

The old park bench,
is lonely, this evening
It wants to tell all these stories
to someone, before nightfall.

~ After reading TBG- Search...


TinTin said...

kaafi sahi laga pad ke..
bench ke andar gus ke uske saare emotions ko lively bana diya aapne.. good work !

ashoke bhattacherjee said...

great going bro'. real good. as always....getting better n better to the point of awesome!