Friday, April 23, 2010

3 days of -Josh, Junoon and Jeet

Now, before you start doubting my mental stability by assuming that I saw, 3 movies that literally challenged the limits of cinema, in 3 days of time, namely:
Josh- where SRK played the Twin Brother of Aishwarya Rai
Junoon- where Rahul Roy convincingly turned into a Tiger using Moonlight and cheap makeup
Jeet- where Sunny paaji played "you-really-dont-want-to-know"

Please let me clarify- "I'm still not mature enuogh for movies with such strong characters."

"Josh, Junnon Jeet- There are no limits" was the adrealin-gushing-blood-pumping theme of our all-expenses-paid annual review meet at Goa.

Here are of some of the "Key Highlights"

Day I:
1. I decided to leave my laptop behind so that the "Review Meet" problem is snapped at the bud.

2. I had terrible food served by male stewards in the aeroplane. The only air-'hostess' looked as if she had just returned from the maternity ward after delivering triplets.

3. Wet Towels are the best way to welcome your Guests.

4. Business Discussions in Goa can impair you psychologically.

5. I met H20+NaCl and C2H5OH on the beach.(I have purposefully used the chemical formulaes to make it less obvious)

Day II:
1. I wake up trying to rememeber how did I get back to the room

2. I wear formal clothes in Goa!

3. I attend a day long conference in Goa!

4. I manage to survive during the conference with aid of SMSes like:
Shashank: I want to run away- into the wild
Me: I am having so much "fun" here.

5. Siddhu Paaji came to motivate us by asking questions like-
Why is Encouragement like premium gasoline?

6. I spot MithunDa on the pool wearing Sparkling Golden Shirt. I felt a tinge of pride to see in flesh and blood the "Disco- Dancer" who gave me my pet name- Jimmy.

7. I rush to meet the king of good times at the Pallalum Beach and drain off the sand back in my private pool.

Day III -

Team Building Exercises made me realize the following things-

1. I am not a team player.

2. I suck at "Networking" but I enjoy making friends.

3. Special mention of a speech delivered by one of my group mates when he saw me not motivated enough to participate in team-games:
" Guys, we are a team here. We have to rise above personal interests and think about only one thing-winning. This is the not the time to prove your masculinity to others but to prove your mettle- to yourself. Its all about channelising your energies towards one goal-Victory."

Now here was an employee justifying our Conference theme of "Josh, Junnon Jeet, there are no limits" in letter and 'spirit'.
I almost clapped with tears gleaming in my eyes.

4. I go to Pallalum again with my Sea-Food crazy friends.

5. I dont't remember much after that.

Day IV-
1. I enjoy the one-last view of the humbling Arabian Sea with Kings.

2. I return trying to justify to myself that a missed "complimentary massage" is not a reason enough to commit suicide.

PS In case you are wondering about the answer to Siddhu's question- "Because it takes the knock out of your engine"
I really liked it, by the way.