Thursday, July 03, 2008

Lead MDI

There are two kinds of MDI.

When one MDI is fighting hard to study for next class, managing their projects/academics the other MDI is drinking beer on the dome.

When one MDI is stepping towards the library to learn the other MDI just scoffs and moves towards pub to get on with life.

When one MDI is spending 2 hours analyzing and reading the case the other MDI is gossiping, because it knows whatever the case they will faff their way through the case. Moreover they feel appalled and carp about the instructor if there point of view is not accepted.

When one MDI respects the instructor and wants to learn from him, the other MDI wants to brand the instructor as useless and good for nothing. They want to point his shortcomings, his problems, his incompetence more than anything.

When one MDI wants to sleep on time the other MDI is playing loud music and shouting because they know they will catch up with sleep in class.

When one MDI gives an idea or has an expertise the other MDI just wants to manipulate and use the idea and take credit for it.

When one MDI wants to give an opinion the other MDI spams as it has assumed the sole ownership to opine on any subject any topic or any happening.

When one MDI wants to speak something logical the other MDI is amused, it retaliates by erupting volumes of no brainer statements that cloud any logic left.

When one MDI wants to stand up and make a mark, the other MDI conspires to bring it down.

When one MDI learns a subject the other MDI will crowd him to teach the same.

When one MDI is working hard for the quiz/exam the other MDI is worrying about the seating arrangement and examination instructor, calling it smart work.

When one MDI gets 8 CG , its ghissu . When other MDI gets 6 CG its stud.

Only one thing, one MDI is 70% , the other MDI is just 30%.


TinTin said...

seems you have been part of both..Or is it a transitional thing.. which one you fancy?

TinTin said...

and in the end it wont matter :D

Tikna said...

which way is the water or umm the beer flowing.. that is being the question and the answer, as we know it!