Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Under the Green Shade

I feel alive but not so lively
without you,I feel young
and don't want to grow old
without you

You for whom I crave to exist
and burn to re-exist. You whose absence
is sorrow and sight warms heart with desire.
You whom I want to hold, love and destroy

In you I empty my despair
In you is rooted the pain I suffer

I no longer wish to hold your hand
breathe your scent or use your
thoughts in my poems. I want you
to fade away remainderless.
I want to forget you.

I want to discover myself
as a possibilty of being
without you.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Sleep for a while

I want to stop this journey
where hope is but a mirage
to fill an empty heart

Where the roads are crooked
and passers by
seldom stop to give directions

I want to keep my story unpenned
to remain only in thoughts
and meet an ordinary end

Story with no drama
only passive verses
and punctuations at wrong places

I want to sit down in the shade,
let the sweat evaporate
when the breeze touches my forehead
and sleep for a while