Saturday, February 27, 2010

I remember not

I remember not your beautiful eyes,
But the way they looked swollen with less sleep
and more tears that had dried in the night.

I remember not your thin long lips
But what they couldn't speak
when you bit on them, to shut them tight.

I remember not your dulcet voice
But the short silences in between
Which meant more than words might.

I remember not the little flick of your neck
and your head turning the other way
to argue I was wrong and you were right.

I remember not the flow of your silk hair
But that you swayed them back and
clipped them again,to hold their flight.

I remember not your soft hand in mine
And the way you held on with warmth
But the sweat on my palm and dampness, slight.

You might say, I remember you a lot
but You see, I dont remember
anything perfect about all.


Green said...


Anonymous said...

"You're not perfect, sport, and let me save you the suspense: this girl you've met, she's not perfect either. But the question is whether or not you're perfect for each other. "

"People call those imperfections, but no, that's the good stuff."

Good Will Hunting

ashoke bhattacherjee said... of your bestestest!!

finally coming of age

keep it up bro'

i will keep composing my long letters

Vipul Goyal said...

@Green - Thanks Dude..
@Ashoke- Whenever I try to write something meaningful, I end up writing romantic poems...Thanks dada

Vipul Goyal said...

@Anonymous- These lines were definitely one of the triggers for writing this stuff...(the last para)

Anonymous said...

Touch of cohen as well...
" I remember you well in the Chelsea Hotel
you were famous, your heart was a legend."

Amazing one though...

ashoke bhattacherjee said...

supposedly, writing is a catharsis for emotions & events that you yearn for.....& it vanishes when u have actually experienced it..........
what say?

TinTin said...

But there is something perfect about this one :)

I remember not all your poems
But the way they make their way through me..and linger there forever..

behtareen.. enjoyed this one..