Monday, May 17, 2010

Old Age Plans

When I will grow old,
have lots of time to think
and nothing else to do;
Then I will think about you.

I will sit on my rocking chair,
put aside my false teeth,
Sip a little whisky with lots of ice
and try to make sense of my life-
without you.

Sudden thunders and lightnings
would break my reverie.

I will slowly take another swig
put the glass on the side table
and resume to ponder about
your affair with me.

But I guess I will be too old
to remember every detail by then

So I will just shrug my shoulders
finish off my glass of whisky,
Open the windows to let the
fresh scent of rain fill the room
And read a book instead.


AT_Legendkiller said...

seriously dude..this is too good

Hats off to the poet!!

AsMi said...

You made me imagine every single line. Fantastic writing!

Vipul Goyal said...

@Shashank- Thanks dude!
@Asmi - I am awesome and u are too generous

ashoke bhattacherjee said...

khub bhalo!

TinTin said...

reminds of last two minutes of every Boston legal episode...

Kshitiz Verma. said...

Good one dost!! I liked it very much.