Friday, July 29, 2011

a thought to linger on

another day ended after a long evening
the last sun rays receded in the sky
leaving behind shades of darkness

the tender night caught the falling sky
into her arms and sang a lullaby
everything slowed as
time adjusted to its melody

everyone hushed for the day to sleep
everyone had a thought
to linger on tonight

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Little White Cloud

Tired of wandering
on whims of the wind
the little white cloud
stopped in the blue sky

For many days
it had swirled and tumbled
in the vast skies,
and had grown weary
like a lone traveler
the last few turns
it cannot remember

It hung in the sky
with all its resilience

It wanted to be free
from the fetish of the wind
left alone in the vast expanse
with a compass of its own

It wanted to soak the seas
smell the mountains
and perhaps
inspire a poet
on its way.