Thursday, May 22, 2008

The way things work

After almost one year at MDI, i can say the following things for sure
1. True friendship is hard to find in a b school. The reason for this maybe the age of the students. People have work ex, they are matureand have seen life. They have wizened enough to make the distinction between friends and contacts. Is it childish to make a friend without keeping a account of favours done and favours that can be drawn on.

2. People who opt for finance are naturally more intelligent than marketing or any other stream. Doing an IT specialization is like passing B com with a supplimentary. What are you interestd in? Is a question people seldom ask.

3. Why MBA? A question that remains unanswered for maximum.

4. Making a issue of trivialities and then mailing the whole batch is the favorite pass time of people. Moreover people who give the most vehement opinion and are efficient with juggling words and expression are respected and congratulated.

5. Summers are when true character is revealed. People do whatever to cut each other's way to a company.

6. Summer training is useless. Too much character is lost to get a summer which makes litlle or no difference.

7. CV is the king. Do whatever it takes to get another line in your CV. It can be club membership or prize in XYZ college.

8. Reading cases is good but then you have to read the case. But still this doesnt stop people from giving the most profound insights.

9. Some people just dont get it....

10 Some people just stay the same...