Tuesday, July 10, 2007

To Change or not to Change

It has been barely three weeks here at MDI and already i can sense a sea change in my academic life.

First thing that i have discovered is the library. Earlier the word Library created a scene of nerdy bespectacled students furiously scribbling away notes in their registers from a 1000 page-hard bound book. Another image was of 'duniya ke sataaye' couples who would find a corner and some respite to look at each other and maybe get a chance to hold hands if no one was there. Couples doodling away in each other's notebook was my guess of Why people go to Library. But now all that has changed...

Library is a place where you can go and sit comfortably and sip coffee in air conditioning and may be doze off for some time... Now that i am aware of the true purpose of Library, i visit there often and enjoy the peaceful ambience. (Guys i think i had u for a momemt...Trust me i have not damaged the medulla oblongata and the mitochondria of my brain cells are working just fine. I wont even dream of studying...)

Talking of Couples, a few days ago, there was a news that some couples were shooed away by police at India Gate Gardens. Now i am not against PDA but there has to be a place where you can indulge in such activities. India gate is a place where you show respect to the Amar Jawans and i dont think they would be too happpy to see couples pressing against each other.I felt a
tinge of disappointment...

Before all you liberated and broad minded people start accusing me of being a typical jealous retro guy(which i am ) read on.
The very next day there again a photo of a group of young people saluting the Jawans with genuine look of respect and pride for our country.

All i mean is there are parks, restraunts, hotels where you can do whatever you feel.

Secondly is of Attendance in classes. To put it simply in Engg there was only one chance of going to Class and that was when you found no one in canteen to sit with and your whole group had decided to go to class for lack of any topic of discussion. Here it will take a lion's heart to miss any class as it has a direct implication on your grades. Moreover there is something known as "pre-reads" where you have to go prepared for your class. You can compare the pain to watching "Aap ka Saroor" twice. Nothing more needs to be said i guess.

Thirdly the atmosphere here is quite forward and people have a broader outlook. Girls will wizz past you in mini skirts and shorts and nobody even looks at them twice. Now imagine what would have happened in our college had any girl even dreamd of such clothing. If you are little more observant you can also see strategically placed tattoos, the kind you would have seen only in educative movies.

But Somethings never change Even here i can find Girls who talk with a grammar of their own. A typical sentence from them would sound as:: "I was like half asleep in the class, as in my eyes were closing totally...actually i was studying till 3 in morning you know". What she means is that she was undergoing the natural biological response to tiring. "I was sleepy." This would have been enough.

Some Boys will hit it off with girls from first day and others like me will remain with guys and ponder as to why Girls avoid us.? Expalining this would take an entire dedicated post.

Lastly the only serious difference is:The system here forces you to think and actually understand and apply what you have learned. This is a tough thing to do as you are doing it for the first time. Switching from Rote to true learning is the only differnce.

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Tarun said...

Its very sad that still u r with guys.Hoping to c u with girls as u hv switched to true learning from rote.