Sunday, July 15, 2007

Man !! Its raining...

I am "two cold-call quizzes" old in MDI and now i realise why people remember their college life so fondly. And It's not because of the quizzes. Its because of the hostel life(I was a day scholar in graduation) and the fun that is inherent part of it.

The hostel never sleeps. You will find students roaming in the campus with their cell phones tucked between thier ears and neck,talking ever so discreetly. Some times i wonder if they are really talking or doing mobileneckriyasan(a dying art of strengthening your cervical).

People will stalk all night eateries and cafe to satiate the hunger which is natural to follow after a Hostel mess dinner. Some will go out to get some clean air and then come back after having a "Ultra Milds". Some will have coffee to keep them awake for they might have an assignment to complete or a movie to watch.

Some will play badminton or table tennis till morning for they might have a easy class where they can catch up with a trivial thing called sleep. Couples will shift from where they were sitting so as to avoid becoming overtly conspicuous or just because their asses might be getting numb. Next time I will ask one to be sure.

People will hurdle up in one room and just plain talk and sing songs or discuss obvious mistakes which President Bush made during his tenure. "I dont understand how he got elected at the first place, I wouldn't have given him bloody quater of a vote". Serious, personal remarks like this will come but all this is understandable as the guy might have had a Quater before he reached this conclusion.

The fun quotient will double up, if a guy knows how to play a guitar, somebody will start singing someone will tap foot and an inpromptu hostel version of any song will follow. The Mehfil will end wil people returning and asking each other if something had to be done for the next day. Nobody knows exactly what has to be read so the logical conclusion is to sleep in whatever time that is left.

Thats just the Beginning of Hostel Life and i am Living it, Loving it.

PS: If you are wondering about the relevance of the posts title its just because of the natural low pressure area that would have been created owing to the immense heat that was there for some time. Also i remembered Geri Halliwell's song but i think its "Its raining man..." Anyways it makes no sense either ways.

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