Saturday, July 07, 2007


First of all let me tell you the reasons why i was not writing my blog

1. The milkman's buffalo was absconding and i was appointed as special officer on deputation to find the wherabouts of Basanti...(not Hema Malini thats the name of the Buffalo) She was found in compromising positions with the Male Buffalo of Kishan (the other MilkMan). They were put under arrest for public display of indecency.

This makes me remember a piece of news where a Woman roamed around in her undergarments to protest against her in-laws. Its a matter of utmost shame for us Indians where a woman had to shed off her clothes to make her voice heard. And on top of that she was even put under arrest.

Any ways Basanti was not protesting against anyone she was just undergoing some harmonal changes.

2. My mother had read the post where i had written my matrimonial and she had come under emotional turmoil. She was (alas) the only female who took the matrimonial thing seriously. She had made me swear on the holy mother of God that i will not write any such thing on mu blog.

3. I had caught a strange disease where i could not figure out the letters on the key board. This disease had made me miss out on loads of chat on gmail and scraps on orkut not to mention no blogging for a long time. The disease had a even stranger cure. I had to insert my fingers in soft dough and keep it inside for 10 minutes. Thank God I am cured now. Fingering all that dough has made me mentally sick though.

The reasons could go on and on...

But let me tell you the real reason now... Rediff Blog SUCKS big time..
Every time i had some thing to write about the darn rediff interface would change.I got to my nerves and somehow i would loose my train of thoughts and give up.

It irritated me even more to find out that sometimes the font size would change, Sometime the side bar would go, sometime the comments would evaporate.

I was hooked on to it for sometime and tried to rectify it a lot. thatsvipul was like first crush for me. I was hopelessly attached to it...

However i have migrated to Blogger now.

I hope i have found true love this time. Hope to see all of you guys here now.

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MaYtH!! said...

Read your first blog.. (parts of it as I was instructed to :D)...I have one word for you...hilarious...with a capital H...think I'll be coming back for more. :)