Monday, July 23, 2007

Main kya roj takiye per bethta hu?

Now i can understand what Saif Ali Khan meant when he said these words in DCH.

To understand this statment one requires to undergo something extraordinary. In my case, I was 3 feet above the ground with four people holding each limb of mine. Around 10 guys were looking at me all ready to do their "thing" at 12 in the night.

This might seem like perfect setting for a gang bang but it was actually my b'day(19th July). Now you must have heard about strange tribal traditions like naked aboriginal canoeists ploughing through a crocodile-infested swamp on a quest to find goose eggs which will miraculously cure their impotency, but wait till you hear this one.

Here if its your B'day, your roomie invites the entire batch to 'celebrate' your B'day on hostel roof top. The good stuff ends here. Now as the clock strikes twelve, people start their "thing" i mentioned in the beginning. People with thier boots on, start kicking your behind with such ferocity that would put even descendandts of Genghis Khan to shame. The assault continues for 5 mins by students who dont even know you (they just get a 'kick' out of it) and some of whom would have scored miserably low in the morning quiz.

You are left with a pain in the ass, cursing the day you were born. But there's some consolation as your roomie gets the same treatment and any other random guy who gets caught. The tradition of adorning a cake on your face happens and then you are left to attend calls from friends and family.

I slept on my stomach that night. The next morning in class it was impossible to sit on iron-chairs we have. You must have heard of people getting a blue eye, you can imagine where i had my blues...

Well all that is over now... Things are getting normal now...There was an apt dialogue in Rocky Balboa which made me realize there is even a philosophical side to all this kicking:
"But it ain't how hard you hit; it's about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward."

So I have moved forward and started enjoying classes. There is lot of learning invloved especially about movie trivia.

At the beginning of class we pick up any movie and ask trivia questions realted to that movie. For eg
1. What was the name of Saif Ali's first girlfriend in DCH?
2. What was name of Salman's father in Andaz apna apna?
3. Name of Madhavan in RDB?
Currently we are thinking about Karan Johar's name in DDLJ. We dont google out the answers we simply watch the movie all over again.

You can't even imagine how quickly the 1.5 hour class passes when you don't remember the answer although you might have seen the movie umpteen number of times. It creates a sort of virtual mosquito around you which keeps on irritating you as you try to squash it but it keeps getting away. The feeling after squashing it is equally rewarding.

Meanwhile life continues as usual with more quizzes, more movies and people spending 15 lakhs to get a phone number.


Sandy Karwa said...

he he he..
it was fun bro... n sacchi i didint even came near ur scared.. i mean sacred ass... :)

Wisdom said...

Very well-written dude. I agree with almost every bit of the first part of the writing about birthday bumps. I see the sarcasm in there and hope the rest of the guys who read it do too. A lot of things go on under the banner of "tradition" here, but i guess it will have to continue because the masses love it.

ankit said...

Hey vipul....rughtly said the good thng abt u is tht u had to take 'IT'... only once...and the random guy ur talkin abt is me...

Vipul Goyal said...

@Ankit Yes thats one of the onus of being a rockstar... I can understand how u feel :)

Vipul Goyal said...

@ Wisom: Now that my b'day is over i love the traditions :)(shaitaani muskaan)

Vipul Goyal said...

@ Sandy Yaar i didn't have nay hand(leg) in my fate...

Balaji K said...

i really didnt knw u before ur birthday :D :D n i think i hit u the most.. :))

Vipul Goyal said...

@ Balaji: Hey..Thanks to bday bumps..nw we know each other...Some day i will get my revenge


yaaaaar ye to apni GPL hai .... tunnne kahi GPL mention nahi kiya..
its better not to use then to give full form!!
ha ha ha..
good piece of writing