Saturday, June 20, 2009

Rangeelo Rajkot

Dos and Don'ts
1. Forget two square meals a day when you can snack varities (albiet fart inducing) like, Fafda with green chillies and Jalebi, Gathiyas, Dabeli, Ghoogras, Bhajiyas et al.

2. Strictly no business from 1 pm to 4 pm. Shutters down , Mobile switched off, go home and doze off after a lunch consisting of Sev- Tamatar sabzi and Chaas (buttermilk)

3. After 11 pm , get on your scooter, bike, car, auto, legs, anything; along with your wife, girlfriend, friend, neighbour, aunty, or alone to spend a quality time and of course,have a before bed snack.

4. Stop anywhere and land up at a paan stop. Eat a "phaanki" (a mix of supari, tabbaco, choona) after proper churning with hands. Caution- Don't try to speak, as the red peek overflows from your mouth, so spit it instead, anywhere, obviously.

5. Try 'Sosya' -a chemical beverage with an intriguing name- Sosya

6. Visit the Shamshan- Its the only tourist attraction, scary but true.

7. Drive ignoring all else on the road. And if you happen to bump into someone, smile and say 'Kaim Chho'. Many a great friendships, begin this way.

8.Visit the Swami Narayan temple at evening.

9. Don't visit the race-course or the cricket ground , if you are single. Gujju couples in intimate positions is an extremely disturbing sight.

10. Try the ice cream shakes at Patel ice cream. Avoid the special cabins made for couples on the second floor.

11. Try the cool - Rabdi Chuski, a delicious mixture of crushed ice, black current as artificial flavour, dry fruits and generous rabri topping.

12. Drink the Kathiawadi Chai. 3 Rs for half a cup of ecstacy.

13. Find a "Boss Cold Drink" shop. Decide what to drink when you find it.

14. Drink packaged mineral water branded as Pyaas, only for Rs. 1

15. Learn Gujarati, its sweet.


Muddassar(Maddy) said...

Awesome image drawn ..........would really like to go there once.

Kunal said...

That's awesome demonstration of rajkot

Pearl Arts said...

hilarious...vipulbhai maja karo chcho