Sunday, June 14, 2009

I remember

Perennial smiles, Hysterical laughs
Deep conversations, Frivolous gossips
Moving moments, Wasted times
Pulling leg, True friends of mine

Pending assignments, Low scoring sheets
Spilling wine, Talking cheap
Empty cans ,pretty bottles
Matchsticks scanty, Cigarettes plenty

Unusual hours, Wide open eyes
Raving apetite, Cookies to eat
Midnight snacks, Early morning tea
Burning happiness, Peaceful sleep

Ecstasic yawns, Concentration faulty
Indiscrete clicks, Trip to Dhanaulti
No words exchanged, Listening to Floyd
Miniscule tension, Magninficient joy

Robbing me of today and its susepnse
The past lurks around the fence


Tikna said...

lucid.. awesome.. perfect

Vipul Goyal said...

@Tikna: No doubt we were all three!

Pearl Arts said...

I can imagine how wonderful time you had.