Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Lateral Thinking

Me and my friend Ashoke went to Arcus, our college food joint. Ashoke ordered for 2 plain paranthas. While the order was being executed, we sat down to have some conversation. 

A cat passed by in her own gracefully inconspicuous style, avoiding any attention.

Ashoke: "Why doesn't the cat learn from Dog that we are not to be afraid of? "
Me: "Humm, the Lion is not afraid of us, it has learnt that without learning from Dog"

Ashoke: "Ok... let us create a Lateral Thinking Puzzle"
Me: "Ok.."

A few minutes of intense deliberation

Me:"A man orders for 2 plain paranthas, sees a cat pass by and asks to make a lateral thinking puzzle?"Why?

Ashoke:"A man is driving a bike, suddenly he leaves both his hands, turns around and sits the other way round and wobbles his posterior to make his bike go in circles." Why?


Tikna said...

intense man!! you guys might have damaged a few neurons for sure..


It happens when two genius from different poles meet.