Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy Incident

I was happy.

Slowly, I went to Sector 14 to buy some cookies to satisfy the deep craving to eat sweet stuff. The bakery store there was full of delicacies.

"Cookies", I managed to say to the man behind the counter (MBTC).

MBTC :"Which one?"

I stared at the counter with my eyes wide open.

On top shelf there was "Wheat Cookies" and below it was "Wheat Cookies Sugar Free"

I pointed to the lower shelf and said 250 grams of this. MBTC took out hot cookies and packed them. I gave the amount to cashier and waited for MBTC to pack my cookies.

MBTC:"Here you go"(handing over the pack)

Me: :"Don't bullshit me, you scoundrel. Where is my free sugar?!"

I was beautiful


AsMi said...

all smiles :-)

Gaurav Mathur said...

Vipsa.. PJing.. hmm.