Monday, October 12, 2009


You also left me, my last puff;
Into whom I had breathed life
with every gentle kiss.
You told, you would take me along,
into ashes-grey and white;
And we will get blown away with the wind,
into open skies.

But you also left me, my last puff.

In this season of chill,
you were the last smolder in my dying fire,
to keep me warm
and my senses alive;
But you went ahead alone
And it just might be;
that I stared at you for too long

But you didn't wait, my last puff.

Now what should I do,
but start anew and hope
that my next last puff,
will stay loyal to me;
And burn with me long enough,
to take me into ashes-
grey and white


Anonymous said...

Smoking Kills :)

Anonymous said...

Smoking Kills :)

TinTin said...

poetry doesnt :)

yeh mast piece hai..

Lage raho..

Vipul Goyal said...

@Anonymous- Smoking does

Vipul Goyal said...

@Nitin - Thanks the man...Start smoking now :)

Varun said...

Bhai always :)

Divya said...

Simple & exquisite :).. I love the way u weave your thoughts with simplicty !

Vipul Goyal said...

@Varun- Thanks Bhai...

@Divya- Thanks Divya for ur encouraging words :)