Thursday, June 12, 2008

Class Apart!

So, after a nice summer holiday, classes have started to find their way back in my life. Its good to be in air conditioning with all your friends.

A typical class of Strategic Management goes like this for me:

Characters involved
Me, Teacher, Anup(sitting besides me)

Teacher: Globalisation is dead or Globalisation is a reality - that is the deabte.
Me: Firangee ladkiyo kee quality so-so hee hai abkee baar.
Anup: Angrezo bharta chhodo! Simon go back...

Me: Achha bata Simon comission ka opposition kerte hue kaun mara gaya tha?
Anup: Koi aadmi

Teacher: International Business Strategy has to adapt to local environment... What do you guys think about it?
Some enlightened soul: Sir, companies have to customize their business model according to local environment. Otherwise it could be a failure. I call it 'glocal strategy'
Me: Yaar! kahi bahut dur bhaag jaane ka dil ker raha hai...
Anup: Haa... Attendance ke baad chalte hai.

Anup: Yaar! tu koi kahaani suna.. tune itnee books padhee hai.

Teacher: Has some one read the book " The world is flat"
Anup: tuune padhee hai.
Me: Of Course!
Anup: to haath khada kerna...
Me: Paagal hai kya?

The teacher goes on to describe how Thomas Friedman has identified the forces that have made the world a global village.

Anup: Bhai ek joke sunnata hu
Sardarji: Mai tere kaan mai daalonga!
Sardarni: Paagal ho gaye ho tussi... Mai behari ho jaaongi!
Sardarji: Kyu jab maine moo main diya tha tub goongi ho gayee thee kya... !

he he he! some giggles under the table.

Me: Yaar koi logic nahi re gaya hai... class seems boring
Anup: What is logic?
Me: ?
Anup: The way you connect things. For eg: We love a prof.. Prof loves his daughter... So we love his daughter.

Teacher: Can i have your attention please!

Me: bhai kitna time bachha hai?
Anup: Ek aur joke sunaao?
Me: Naa i would get some sleep

Teacher: Now let us look at some examples where companies have failed because they didn't adapt to local environment...

Time flies

Anup: Bhai... tera roll number aane waala hai.. Uth saale attendance miss ho jaaegi.
Teacher: Roll number 91
Me: Present Sir!

PS: This is a dramatised version. Please don't tax your brain to correlate this with the academic rigour prevelant in MDI.


TinTin said...

Present Sir!

after a long time !

sorry sir, woh website block rehti thi to aa nahi paate the.. abhi ghar pe net le liya gaya hai

Tikna said...

Anup rocks!!!